Curti Lifts First Employee celebrates her 80th Birthday!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Curti Lifts’ First Ever Employee – Jean Nettleton who celebrated her 80th Birthday on 1st December!

Jean was the first person employed by company founder Joe McShera way back in 1993 as a Telesales Executive at his first office premises at Holroyd Hill Wibsey and is still working for us on a part-time basis in the same capacity.

Celine Walgrove – New Lifts Director  “I joined Curti Lifts as receptionist in September 1996 shortly after Anita and for 2 years it was just us. Jean was always the mother hen. I can’t imagine Curti Lifts without her”

Joe McShera – Company Founder “Jean was the first person I employed when it was just me. For some time all our sales were generated just by Jean, she was and still is indispensable. As far as I am concerned she has a job here for as long as she wants one”

Happy Birthday Jean! What a star!


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