Curti Lifts joins Structural Timber Association

As building offsite solutions in timber are gaining traction across the industry, the STA’s mission is to enhance quality and drive product innovation through technical guidance and a strong working partnership with suppliers. The scheme also offers reassurances to the construction community that its members meet or even exceed current legislation and regulatory requirements by offering a members’ quality standard assessment – STA Assure

Curti Lifts are pleased to announce we are now full members of  STA Assure and The Quality Standards Scheme. ‘’For some time now Curti Lifts has been committed to offering the best solutions for both modular and timber frame build projects’’ says New Lifts Director Celine Walgrove. ‘’All our lift models come with the option of a completely independent steel structure removing the requirements for a blockwork lift shaft and opening up the possibilities for more Timber Frame Construction’’

The key advantages of Timber Frame construction include offsite manufacturing coupled with speedy construction and the subsequent reduction of wet works but it doesn’t stop there. Timber has historically offered a strong but lightweight building material with the added advantage of design flexibility and the significant carbon footprint reduction.

The timber industry as a whole believes that it can make a significant contribution to sustainable construction for sustainable communities and Curti Lifts is happy to join with them to make this possible.

For more information on the Structural Timber Association click here.

For more information on Curti Lifts Structures click here.

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