What is BREEAM? What is a BREEAM Rated Lift?

The BREEAM or ‘Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method’ sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building’s environmental performance.

A number of tools have been developed to assist building designers in determining if they are providing a green building solution and how green the solution really is. The tools take the form of preliminary design assessment tools that can be used by a designer. The tools ask a number of questions and award credits depending on the answer. The credits are totalled and depending on the number reached a BREEAM rating is awarded to the design. The assessment considers items such as water used during construction, insulation value of materials used, quantity of recycled material and so on.

With the exception of Multi residential premises, the BREEAM 2008 version does not apply to buildings that are installing simple platform/wheelchair lift or electronic ramps. So the Curti Spacesaver Platform Lift for example would be exempt although the energy consumption on the Spacesaver is exceptionally low anyway. If the lift forms an integral part of the building i.e. there is a lift shaft, then it must be assessed.

How many BREEAM Points are available for a lift?

For lifts and escalators a maximum of 2 credits can be awarded based on the following.

1st Credit: Energy Analysis

  • Transport demand and patterns analysis completed (available on all Curti Lift Models)
  • Energy consumption comparison for two types of lift with the lowest energy consumption specified (provided as standard)

2nd Credit: Energy Consumption

Of the following energy-efficient features, the three that offer the greatest potential energy saving are specified…

  • Lifts operate in a stand-by mode during off-peak and idle periods.
  • VVVF Drive motor is used.
  • Energy generated by the lift is returned back to the grid or used elsewhere on site.
  • Energy-efficient lighting is used (e.g. LEDS)

All Curti Passenger Lifts are all available in a BREEAM credit option including the Hydraulic Lifts. In this instance an electronic valve is provided to offer VVVF.

Energy efficient operation is becoming more and more popular with end users seeking the most cost effective options in the market. Curti Lifts can offer a wide range of Breeam lifts to suit your project.

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