Curti ‘Eco Friendly’ Passenger Lifts

Stronger emphasis on protecting the environment and increasing energy costs have forced developers to seek as many energy efficient options as possible when considering a project. With this in mind the Eco Friendly range of lifts by Curti have been designed to achieve the full 2 Breeam Credits allowed while offering the additional option of a regenerative drive to assist in reducing the carbon footprint of the building.

How Breeam Credits are achieved

1st Credit: Energy Analysis
A transport demand and patterns analysis is completed and an energy consumption comparison for two types of lift is supplied.
2nd Credit: Energy Consumption
The lifts are equipped with a VVVF drive (variable voltage variable frequency) and operate in stand-by mode during off-peak and idle periods. The Lift Cabin is designed to use LED energy efficient lighting and the control panel screens use Dot Matrix.

Regenerative Drives

Regenerative drives act like a generator and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This energy is then fed back into the building’s power grid for use elsewhere. The cost-justification for regeneration is strongest when the amount of energy to be recovered is large, so as a general guide we would only recommend the use of a regenerative drive on buildings with 6 floors or above for maximum efficiency.

Key Benefits

Capacities up to 4000kg
Speed up to 1.6m/s
Travel up to 33 Storeys
Breeam Rated 
Up to 3 Cabin Entrances
 Open Protocol
 3 Year Warranty

Accessories Available

 Half, 3/4, & Full Length Mirror
 Bumper Rail
 Tip Up Seat
 VIP Key Switch/Key Pad
 Hooks & Drapes
High End Finishes

Upgrades Available

 Etched / Mirrored St Steel
 Back Painted Glass Cabin
 Panoramic Cabin
 Shabbat Programming*

Specification Summary                                                                       Building Types

Compliances – Standard

– Optional


Lift Directive 2014/33/EU 
 DDA Regulations Part M. 

EN81:21 (Existing Buildings) 

Shabbat Lifts

Working to Zomet Institute Guidelines – Shabbat lifts are programmed to run in constant mode and stop at each floor to allow entry and exit. The call indicator shows when the lift is in Shabbat Mode so the user knows they do not need to push any buttons.