Global Academy University Technical College

One of the bigger projects we’ve completed in recent months is the installation of a brand new lift at the Global Academy UTC (University Technical College) in Hayes.

Working with contractors including Yorkon and Portakabin Ltd, the team here at Curti Lifts were tasked with conceiving and installing a 17-person (1275kg) hydraulic passenger lift with a machine room, in a modular building that is predominantly used for educational purposes.

This particular contract was very special – it was a British first in that it was the first technical college to be built off-site and assembled on-site by Portakabin. The building was also technically complex – there were some very demanding acoustic specifications for the broadcast studios, as well as a sophisticated air conditioning system and triple glazing throughout the new university complex.

Working in modular buildings is not without its challenges – time is of the essence, and all measurements must be incredibly accurate. There’s absolutely no margin for error in buildings like this! The client was tasked with carrying out the blockwork for the lift shaft, and we engaged in a number of design meetings with them to ensure that the structure being built met with the requirements for the lift.

Once the blockwork was complete, we could move in and install the large hydraulic passenger lift. The installation took around two weeks, which is fairly standard for a lift of this size, and we finished perfectly on time to ensure that the rest of the modular building could be completed to the deadline.

As with many of our installations, this project went off without a hitch. We were very pleased with how the lift turned out, and thrilled to be involved in an industry first like this.

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