The Curti ‘Classic’ Low-Medium Rise Passenger Lift

The Curti Classic is a the ideal choice for a large proportion of new lift installations. Robust and reliable, hydraulic lifts offer a cost effective option for low rise buildings with an exceptionally long shelf life and a smooth, minimum fuss installation.

Perfect for projects where space is at a premium, the Classic requires a much smaller lift shaft area (typically 2.9m2 as opposed to a Traction option of 4m2) and a lower headroom requirement as the machinery is fully contained within the lift shaft rather than overhead. Particularly useful in cases where an overrun on top of the building would be impractical or aesthetically unseemly.

Hydraulic lifts are also more cost effective to purchase than their traction counterparts and can be tailored to suit the environment. In high traffic areas the introduction of an NGV Valve controlling the flow of oil and driving the lift based on the car load achieves maximum comfort comparable to VVVF controls found in traction machines. For the environmentally conscious an energy efficient VVVF drive can be added to achieve 2 BREEAM Credits.

The Classic can be configured to offer cabin entrances on 3 sides.

Key Benefits

 Cost Effective
 Breeam Upgrade Available
 Robust & Reliable
 Long Shelf Life
 Maximises Space
 Open Protocol
 3 Year Warranty

Accessories Available

 Half, 3/4, & Full Length Mirror
 Bumper Rail
 Tip Up Seat
 VIP Key Switch/Key Pad
 Hooks & Drapes
High End Finishes

Upgrades Available

 VVVF Drive (Breeam Credits)
 NGV  Electronic Valve*
 Back Painted Glass Cabin
 Panoramic Cabin

Specification Summary                                                                       Building Types

Compliances – Standard

– Optional


Lift Directive 2014/33/EU 
 DDA Regulations Part M. 

EN81:21 (Existing Buildings) 

*The NGV Electronic Valve

The new electronic NGV valve control system uses “stepping” technology to regulate the flow of oil, eliminating overheating and keeping lubrication to a consistent level . As a result the hydraulic lift can now offer maximum comfort and increased usage, comparable to the VVVF controls found in traction machines.