All our passenger lifts can be installed within their own self supporting structure, which incorporates a lifting beam, and negates the need for scaffolding within the shaft. Saving you both time and money on site.

Modular buildings are increasingly more common in modern construction – most likely due to sustainability requirements in Part L building regulations. Whilst modular buildings often aren’t strong enough to support traditional lifts, Curti Lifts use modern methods of construction to assemble a self-contained, self-supporting lift shaft at the site – which means no need for a block or masonry shaft.


Modular Building lift examples

Advantages of Curti Lifts for Modular  buildings


No need for a load bearing wall, so can be installed in buildings that otherwise wouldn’t be strong enough.

Perfect for modular

Designed to work with the natural movements of timber, so there’s no risk of distortion to the lift and its framework.


The lift arrives on site as a pre-engineered, flat pack structure.

Easy to fit

Easily installed with minimum fuss – even in existing buildings


No scaffolding required for installation.

Range of designs

Can be clad in a broad variety of finishes to enable the lift to seamlessly into the overall building design.

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