Lifts for New Build Projects

Whether your project is traditional build, timber frame or Offsite Modular precast, our product portfolio gives you access to a wide variety of solutions and we have the expertise to help you choose what is right for you.

Working with the same manufacturers for over 30 years Curti Lifts has invested heavily in ongoing research and development to offer innovative solutions to everyday challenges. The Curti Spacesaver for example – A Hybrid Passenger/Platform Lift was developed to combine a full Passenger Lift Cabin (including automatic doors) with the builders requirements of a Platform Lift. Offering a quality alternative to a standard platform lift for buildings where a traditional pit is not an option.

‘’Off the shelf is not in our vocabulary. We can do anything, including lifts with entries on three sides, lifts in water towers, lifts in castles, round lifts… Anything is possible’’ Midge, Engineering Director

 Passenger Lifts
 Goods Lifts
 Car Lifts
 Scenic Lifts
 Firefighting Lifts
 Breeam Lifts

 Lifts In Structures
 External Lifts
 Duplex/Triplex Lifts
 Custom-made bespoke Lifts
 Full Cabin Platform Lifts
 Kitchen Hoists

Key Benefits

Capacities up to 4000kg
Speed up to 1.6m/s
Travel up to 33 Storeys
Breeam Rated 
Up to 3 Cabin Entrances
 Open Protocol
 3 Year Warranty

Accessories Available

 Half, 3/4, & Full Length Mirror
 Bumper Rail
 Tip Up Seat
 VIP Key Switch/Key Pad
 Hooks & Drapes
High End Finishes

Upgrades Available

 Etched / Mirrored St Steel
 Back Painted Glass Cabin
 Panoramic Cabin
 Shabbat Programming*

Specification Summary                                                                       Building Types

Compliances – Standard

– Optional


Lift Directive 2014/33/EU 
 DDA Regulations Part M. 

EN81:21 (Existing Buildings) 

Shabbat Lifts

Working to Zomet Institute Guidelines – Shabbat lifts are programmed to run in constant mode and stop at each floor to allow entry and exit. The call indicator shows when the lift is in Shabbat Mode so the user knows they do not need to push any buttons.