Spacesaver Platform Lifts are a compact version of our traditional passenger lift and has been designed to minimise builders work to create the ideal disabled access solution. Available in a range of sizes up to 1,000Kg.

For Clients

Unlike other disabled access platform lifts, the Curti spacesaver platform lift includes a fully enclosed cabin like a traditional passenger lift. Giving your passengers the luxury of a passenger lift without compromising on compliance.

To any lift user this lifts looks just like a traditional passenger lift, yet it comes complete with all the certificates and compliance of a disabled access lift. And because it is so clever, it’s 240V 3 KW motor uses the same amount of energy as boiling a kettle.

For Passengers

Passengers will not know the difference. Disabled passengers will appreciate the ride and comfort of the cabin, without cumbersome pressure buttons, that can be difficult to operate with shopping or pushchairs.

The Curti Spacesaver Platform Lift is designed to incorporate components to the European Standard EN81-41 and to be in compliance with DDA, the Machinery Directive CE95/16 and the new Part ‘M’ Building Regulations.

spacesaver platform lift

For Contractors & Architects

The lift is highly competitive on price and can be installed in a traditional lift shaft, or ‘shaftless’ for use in timber frame buildings and modular buildings.

It can be installed within a traditional lift shaft or within it’s own steel structure, ideal for timber framed buildings and modular buildings.

Minimising building work, the Spacesaver Platform Lift requires a pit depth of only 150mm and headroom of only 2850mm. Our in house AutoCAD team will produce the ideal design for your needs.

The lift installation is fully project managed throughout with a dedicated project manager. We make a minimum of 2 site visitors prior to installation and the lift os delivered to site with Hi-ab for ease. We also provide an engineer on site to meet the delivery and organise the installation.

Spacesaver Platform Lift Examples

Hydraulic Platform Lift

Our hydraulic platform lift is a compact version of our traditional passenger lift and requires no machine room. The machine is supported within the shaft. The gearless motor provides a smooth quiet ride with low power consumption.

At a glance

  • Fully automatic sliding doors
  • Single touch buttons
  • Fully enclosed cabin
  • Only 150mm deep pit required
  • Single or 3 phase power
  • Part M compliant
  • DDA compliant hydraulic
  • Hydraulic or traction

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