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Curti Lift Structures for Timber Frame / Modular Buildings

Compatible with all Curti Lift Models – Our custom made steel structures are an ideal solution where a concrete block-work lift shaft is either impossible or impractical.

Sustainable, clean and built to contain a lift without any requirement from the surrounding building, structures can be slotted directly into the pit and come complete with a built in lifting beam. Our structures can be glazed, clad or stud partitioned according to the client’s aesthetic preferences which means you have the flexibility to site the lift wherever you wish internally or externally.


The structure is supported by contact with the internal walls of the lift shaft. Jacking plates are used to allow for the movement of the building while maintaining the lift structure location within the lift shaft.

Timber Frame

Key Benefits

  • Capacities up to 4000kg
  • Clean, sustainable design
  • Travel up to 33 Storeys
  • No block-work lift shaft required
  • Lifting Beam built into structure
  • No lintels or pit ladder required
  • No welding required – Made 2 measure
  • Can be installed into existing buildings
  • Suitable for Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Can be supplied galvanised/painted in a rust proof finish
  • Cladding can be applied directly to structure
  • Delivered on dedicated HiAb vehicle
  • Assembled on site
  • No requirement for fixing to the building fabric

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