Curti Lifts have been working with Hydraulic lifts for almost 30 years and still consider them an ideal choice for a large proportion of new lift installations Robust and reliable hydraulic lifts offer a cost effective option for low rise buildings with smooth, minimum fuss installation.

Space is at a premium

Flexibility of installation is one of the key advantages where space is limited. Aside from the smaller lift shaft size (Typically a Hydraulic lift requires a lift shaft space of 2.9m2 as opposed to a Traction option of 4m2 ) Hydraulic lifts offer a lower headroom requirement. All machinery is fully contained within the lift shaft rather than overhead which has eliminated the need for an overrun on top of the building and offers a much safer working environment for contractors and subsequent maintenance engineers.

Cost Effective

Hydraulic lifts are not only more cost effective to purchase than their traction counterparts but the cost savings become evident across installation. Smaller shaft sizes, easy installation (as a general rule only one engineer required) and delivery to site on a dedicated Hiab vehicle all offer significant savings for the building contractor.

Robust & Reliable

Hydraulic lifts have an exceptionally long shelf life. In fact we are often asked to refurbish lifts in excess of 30 years old! A Hydraulic lift well cared for and maintained properly can continue to function for decades. To meet clients’ expectations a builder may request a ‘back to factory’ refurbishment but when it comes to Hydraulic lifts, it may simply be A new hydraulic drive system or a VVVF Retrofit that will produce significant results while a cosmetic cabin panel replacement will offer the client the fresh clean look he/she is looking for. (For more information on lift refurbishments click here)

Modern Options

Working with our factory for over 30 years, Curti Lifts offer a full range of Hydraulic lifts including MRL and Machine Room options. Recommended for up to 6 Stops our Hydraulic options can be tailored to suit the environment including the addition of an electronic valve to maximise traffic and an energy efficient VVVF drive to achieve 2 BREEAM Credits.

Curti Project Management

Managed expertly by our Curti Project Management Team, we liaise directly with the site, completing at least two site surveys prior to delivery to ensure smooth operation. The lift arrives pre-engineered and flat packed, on its own Hi Ab vehicle and is met by our qualified installation engineers ready to start work immediately.

Specification Summary

Contract LoadUp to 5000kg
TypeElectro Hydraulic Lift
MachineryContained within lift shaft (up to 1000kg)
Maximum Travel18m
Lift CabinFully Enclosed & Customisable
Landing/Car DoorsAutomatic Sliding Side / Centre Opening
800mm x 2000mm / 900mm x 2000mm
Accessories included as standard
  • Huge range of finishes
  • Full width half height mirror to rear wall
  • Brushed round stainless steel handrail to rear wall
  • Full height control panel in brushed stainless steel finish
Additional features included
  • Auto dial car communication system with audible/visual call acceptance
  • In-car voice synthesizer
  • Audible and visual indication at each landing of lift direction
  • All car and landing buttons – visual/audible call acceptance
  • All car and landing buttons – contrasting colour to background for the visually impaired
Safety items included
  • Bidirectional Progressive Safety Gear
  • Automatic return to ground floor linked to fire alarm and after period of inactivity
  • Non-contact, full height infra-red car door entrance protection
  • Pit prop with interlocked safety switch
  • Pit ladder
  • BS921 rubber safety matting
  • Car top control station
  • Emergency stop in lift pit
  • Intercom between car and shaft


EN 81-1Technical requirements for the construction of liftsIn force until 31 August 2017
EN 81-2Design rules, calculations and tests of lift componentsIn force until 31st August 2017
EN 81-20Technical requirements for the construction of liftsIn force from 1st September 2017
EN 81-50Design rules, calculations and tests of lift componentsIn force from 1st September 2017
2014/33/EULift Directive – compliance with all safety practices and laws
BS EN81-70DDA Compliance Part M
BS EN810-73Behaviour in the event of fire

Product Summary

Possible Applications

Schools / Colleges
Retail Stores

NHS Hospitals
Care Homes
Swimming Pools
Doctors Surgeries
Private Residences

Public Attractions
Government Buildings

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