Lifts for Timber Frame Buildings

The most popular method of construction In many parts of the world including the USA, Canada and Australia is timber frame and the UK is starting to agree. Not only are The materials that go into a timber frame system cheaper, more sustainable and more energy efficient than traditional masonry, but the construction benefits are vast. Faster construction with minimal wet works and the ability to continue construction during freezing temperatures all offer significant advantages to a developer.
As members of the Structural Timber Association – Curti Lifts are dedicated to offering a solution tailored to timber frame construction.
Using our Self Supported Steel Structure as a replacement for a blockwork lift shaft, Curti Lifts has installed numerous lifts in timber frame buildings for companies such as Taylor Wimpey, Galliford Try & Rushmon Homes
Sustainable, clean and built to contain a lift without any requirement from the surrounding building, the Curti Steel structures can be slotted directly into the pit and come complete with a built in lifting beam. Our structures can be glazed, clad or stud partitioned according to the client’s aesthetic preferences which means you have the flexibility to site the lift wherever you wish internally or externally.

Key Benefits – Steel Structures

 Clean, sustainable design
 No block-work lift shaft required
 Lifting Beam built into structure
 No welding required – Made to measure design
 Delivered on dedicated HiAb vehicle
 Assembled on site
 Independent -no requirement to fix to the building fabric
 Suitable for Indoor or outdoor applications
 Supplied galvanised or painted in a rust proof finish
 Cladding can be applied directly to structure
 Maximum rated load up to 5000Kg

Key Facts – Lifts

Capacities up to 4000kg
Speed up to 1.6m/s
Travel up to 33 Storeys
Breeam Rated 
Up to 3 Cabin Entrances
 Open Protocol
 3 Year Warranty


Upgrades Available

 High End Finishes
 Panoramic Cabin
 Shabbat Programming*

Specification Summary                                                                       Building Types

Compliances – Standard

– Optional


Lift Directive 2014/33/EU 
 DDA Regulations Part M. 

EN81:21 (Existing Buildings) 

Shabbat Lifts

Working to Zomet Institute Guidelines – Shabbat lifts are programmed to run in constant mode and stop at each floor to allow entry and exit. The call indicator shows when the lift is in Shabbat Mode so the user knows they do not need to push any buttons.